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The DMP DC motor range of d.c. Motors are fully laminated, 2 and 4 pole , square frame.

Basic design characteristics

  • Fully laminated stator, main poles and interpoles.
  • Compact square frame design.
  • Easy installation of accessories.
  • Large openings in end shields for easy inspection.
  • Stator windings of varnish insulated copper wire.
  • Laminated armature core of high grade insulated electroplate.
  • Large number of cooling ducts in armature provide excellent cooling.
  • Armature windings of varnished copper designed for low commutating stresses and high mechanical strength.
  • Armature is impregnated to ensure high degree of heat transfer.
  • Brush holders with spring loaded pressure fingers.
  • Prepared for a number of options and accessories ensuring high flexibility.
  • Painting with excellent corrosion resistant properties.
Power Range 1-200 kW 
TT Motor Type Frame Size DMP 112-180
Armature Voltage 380-500 V Y Connection  / 220-280 V D Connection
Excitation Type Seperate Shunt
Protection Class / Cooling IP23 / IC 06
Type of Mounting Blower Top mounted at NDE
Insulation Class H
Temperature Rise Class F
Mounting IM1001 Horizontal foot
IM1002 Horizontal foot, two shaft ends
IM2001 Horizontal foot and flange
IM2011 Vertical foot and flange
Arregement of Terminal Box RHS viewed from DE
Tacho Mtg. Provision REO 444R1 (60v/1000min-1)
TDP 0.2 LT-4 (60v/1000min-1)
  • Plastic Extruders
  • Cable Extruders
  • Ski Lifts
  • Rolling mill process
  • Pulp&Paper process
  • Cranes
  • Sugar Centrifugals