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EC100 Series

EC100 Intelligent Integrated Lift Drive
EC100 Intelligent Integrated Lift Drive is an intelligent network product for control and drive through applying advanced variable frequency vector control, intelligent lift control and network communication.
Power Range 7,5 ~ 15 kW
Power Supply Range 380V (- +15%)
Control Mode PG Vector control
Frequency 50/60 Hz , Frequency Range, 47-63 Hz
Overloadability 60s with 150% of rated current, 10s with 180% of rated current.
General Functions 64 floors control capability
  Max. Running speed : 6 m/s
  Network Group control quantity  up to 8 groups
  CAN Communication
  Static and dynamic autoning
  Low voltage emergency-aid mode of AC220 V single phase UPS , Search the direction in light load 
  Starting torque: 180% of rated torque at 0Hz
 3 AC 380V      
PRODUCT CODE  POWER (kW)  CURRENT (A)  DIMENSIONS (mm)     (Width X Height X Depth )
EC100-7R5-4 7,5 18,5 170x320x197
EC100-011-4 11 27 170x320x197
EC100-015-4 15 34 230x330x197
EC100-018-4 18,5 38 230x330x197
EC100-022-4 22 46 255x400x226
EC100-030-4 30 62 255x400x226
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