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By using your favorite SCADA you can establish a connection with remote stations, furthermore you can do this in a couple of minutes.It provides you;

  • Compatibility with the leading PLC protocols and SCADA software and connection without the need of OPC Server
  • Easy commissioning with using wizard
  • Fully secure VPN connection
  • VPN bridge mode for easy deployment
  • Versatility to connect using 2G, 3G, DSL or LAN connection options with fallback
Number of connections Maximum 100
VPN throughput   55Mbps
Communication Interfaces 6xEthernet (Maksimum), 1xRS232, 2x USB
Hard disc SSD
Extra Features Ücretsiz Standart bakım paketi
Product Part Number Description
eFive 25
eFive 25 Appliance E510101 VPN server upto 25 suggested users
Gold program 1 year E591101 Gold maintenance, 1 year
Gold program 3 years E593101 Gold maintenance, 3 years
eFive 100
eFive 100 Appliance E520201 VPN server upto 100 suggested users
Gold program 1 year E591201 Maintenance program with next business day, 1 year
Gold program 3 years E593201 Gold maintenance, 3 years

  • Waste water treatment plants, pump stations and renewable energi applications.