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Emotron M20 Series

"Protect your process against damage and downtime"
Emotron M20 shaft power monitor helps you save time and money. It protects your pumps or other applications against damage and detects process inefficiency. Early warnings allow you to take preventive action. Unique features include measuring shaft power output and using the motor as a sensor. The result is reduced maintenance and installation costs, extended equipment lifetime and increased reliability.
  • Unique shaft power monitoring
    The Emotron M20 uses a unique technique to monitor motor shaft power. The result is an accurate and linear motor load value across the whole load range. The shaft power output is calculated by measuring motor input power, sometimes called true power, and subtracting the motor power loss calculated using a unique and precise principle. The shaft power output is indicated on the monitor display in kW or hp, or as a percentage of rated power. Both current measurement and phase angle are used in order to calculate an accurate load value for high as well as for low load levels. This gives more reliable supervision than non-linear methods. A system using current measurement alone, would detect load variations only at high motor loads.
  • Direct correlation to the pump curve
    When over- or underload situations occur due to, for example, a pump running dry or cavitating, this produces corresponding changes in motor load and shaft power. The Emotron M20 immediately detects the load change and sends a warning or stops the pump, thus preventing damage and downtime. You can easily set the maximum and minimum load levels for pump and motor according to the requirements of your specific application. Unlike other measuring techniques, motor shaft power output signal can be used directly by pump technicians and mechanical engineers. It is a wellknown term related to mechanical equipment and processes, and has a direct correlation to the pump curve.
  • Uses motor as a sensor
    The unique technique of the Emotron M20 is as simple as it is ingenious – it uses the drive motor as its own sensor. This increases reliability and cuts investment, installation and maintenance costs. The monitor is typically installed within the motor’s electrical control panel or cabinet, thereby ensuring minimal wiring and installation time. You need no mechanical load protection devices, external sensors or extra cabling, and nor do you need to make any holes in pipes or mount brackets. Operational status is continuously measured and the monitor sends a warning and/or shuts off the motor and the driven equipment at your pre-set load levels.
  • Enter your settings in three seconds
    You easily set the warning and stop levels according to the requirements of your specific application. The Emotron M20 uses a unique Auto set feature that allows four protection setpoints to be established in just three seconds with the push of a single key. By pressing Auto set during normal operation, the warning and stop levels are calculated automatically on the basis of the actual motor load measured.
Dimensions (WidthxHeightxDepth) mm 45x90x115 mm
Power Range 0-745 Kw
Power Supply 1x100-240 VAC, 3x100-240 VAC, 3x380-500 VAC or 3x525-690 VAC
Mains Frequency 50 or 60 Hz
Analog Output 1 piece
Digital Input 1 piece
Relay Output 2 pieces NO
Protection Class IP20
  • Pumps in general (Centrüfugal pumps, Magnetic Pumps, Screw and impeler pumps)
  • Mixers
  • Scrapers
  • Conveyor systems,crushers etc.