Energy Storage Unit; with EPC storage technologies in accordance with current regulations, carbon emissions are reduced, renewable energy-based production is maintained and the grid it aims to reduce the resulting imbalances to a minimum level.

In this direction, energy storage systems ensure that renewable energy sources are used more efficiently and that the backup power needs of consumption facilities are met. Lithium-ion & sodium-ion, flow batteries, hydrogen etc. to contribute to energy efficiency and energy supply security with different electrochemical ESS systems integrated into production and consumption he is aiming.


Water- Waste water


Glass- Cement


Iron and Steel



WWTP of EMIT Zugdidi & Poti

  • Location Zugdidi, Georgia and Poti, Georgia

HABAŞ Energy Efficiency Project

  • Location HABAS Aliaga

Pump Station of DSI

  • Location Geçitköy, Cyprus

Calcium Process Facility of Omya

  • Location Meymeh, Isfahan, Iran


  • Location Bursa, Turkey

Zenit Gold Mining & Processing Facility

  • Location Balıkesir, Turkey

Eczacıbaşı Esan Magnesium

  • Location Eskişehir, Turkey

MIP International Port INC.

  • Location Mersin, Turkey

Şişecam - Trakya Cam and Paşabahçe Tesisleri

  • Location Targovishte, Bulgaria

Float Glass Manufacturing Plant Trakya Glass

  • Location Polatlı, Ankara

Caisson Immersion Osmangazi Bridge

  • Location Dilovası, Turkey

Water Conveying Line - Abu Ziyyan / Libya

  • Location Garyan – Zintan, Libya

Trakya Glass Frosted Glass Facility

  • Location Mersin, Turkey

Trakya Cam Energy Glass Facility

  • Location Mersin, Turkey

Calcium Process Facility Omya Madencilik

  • Location Kemalpaşa, İzmir

Tobacco Process Factory Muzer

  • Location Beirut, Lebanon