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Frenic 4600

"Medium Voltage AC drive from FUJI.."

The Fuji Electric medium-voltage IGBT inverter FRENIC4600FM5e is used for direct variable-speed control of medium-voltage motors. It greatly raises the efficiency and power factor, stabilizes motor operations and conserves energy.
  • Compact design for space saving:
    One of the industry’s smallest-class inverters, achieved by significant panel size reduction.
  • Ideal inverter for power sources and motors:
    The multi-phase diode rectifier system reduces harmonics on the power source side. Due to the use of Fuji Electric’s unique multi-level PWM control system, the switching surge is reduced and existing motors (standard ones) can be operated.
  • High-efficiency and high-power factor:
    The use of a multi-phase diode, full-wave rectifier provides a high-power factor (95% or more) on the power source. The elimination of output transformers for operation has improved total efficiency (approx. 97%). Fuji Electric’s original multi-level PWM control has reduced the IGBT switching loss.
  • High-reliability:
    Higher equipment reliability is achieved by reducing the number of inverter cells by using a single-phase, 3-level inverter, etc.. Stable operation is maintained despite load fluctuations, by the simple sensor-less vector control function. The control device has a 32-bit MPU for quick response and high-accuracy.
  • Contributes to energy saving:
    A substantial energy saving is achieved by variable-speed control of a square-law reduced torque load such as a fan or pump.
  • Easy maintenance:
    The inverter is air-cooled, requiring no cooling water.
  • Touch panel:
    Start/stop operation, parameter setting, fault display and data monitoring are performed from the touch panel with simple loader functions.
  • Auto-tuning functions:
    Simple, built-in and facilitating testing and adjustment.
  • Fault diagnoses:
    Easily performable.
  • Input transformer:
    A dry-type input transformer is adopted.
Power Range 3 Phase 260~8750 kW
Power Supply Range 3 Phase 3000/3300V, 4160V, 6000/6600V, 10000/11000V, + -
Control Mode V/f constant with simple sensor-less vector control, vector control without speed sensor, vector control with speed sensor.
Frequency 50/60 Hz +-%5
Overloadability 120% for 60s
Ambient Operating Temperatue 0 ~ +40°C
General Functions Current limit, stall prevention, jump frequency setting, automatic deceleration, momentary drop protection and stop/restart (option)
Enclosure (IEC 60529) IP31
  • Kiln head cooling fans
  • Kiln tail heating fans
  • Grinders
  • Cement rotary kilns
  • Blast furnace blowers
  • Primary/secondary dust blowers
  • Dry quenched coke
  • Recirculation blower
  • High-pressure ejector pumps
  • Recirculation pumps
  • Belt conveyers
  • Grinders
  • Shaft air circulation blowers
  • Blast fumace blowers
  • Primary/secondary dust blowers
  • Dry quenched coke circulation blower
  • High-pressure phosphorus ejector pump
  • Crusher
  • Induced draft fan/forced draught
  • Primary/secondary blowers
  • Condensation pumps
  • Recirculation pumps