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High Performance and Efficiency with Fuji Medium Voltage Drives

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Kontek recommends;
Fuji Frenic4600FM6e for all projects based on starting systems for Medium Voltage Motors in sectors such as Iron-Steel, Cement, Petro-chemical, Water Plant, etc.!

WorldwideIGBT cell producer Fuji Electric in MV Frequency converters; ensures high performance observing low input harmonic current high efficiency, high power factor, high reliability, sensorless vector control, and easy maintenance principles in your systems!

High Efficiency and High Power Factor!

Fuji Frenic4600FM6e MV drives optimize power distribution with significantly reduced harmonic generation compared to conventional models thanks to the multi-pulse diode rectifier system utilized. Since input harmonic currents are reduced, input transformer primary winding losses are low, so your system attains a total efficiency of 97% (including transformer)! Thanks to the multi-level special PWM control system, inherent losses as switching are reduced and a power factor greater than 95% is obtained.

High Reliability and Easy Maintenance!

High reliability and system availability are provided with Redundant By-Pass Control Technology and multi-level fault alarm functions. A high-quality 32-bit motor control unit (MCU) is used for high precision and fast response. Thanks to the advanced sensorless vector control technology adapted to asynchronous and synchronous motors, a high precision starting torque, fast response dynamics, and high load capacity are achieved. MTBF (mean time before failure) time is low with its easily replaceable cell structure and easy maintenance and system continuity is provided with automatic cell by-pass and manual by-pass options!



Significant Reduction of Harmonic Currents by the Power Supply

A multi-pulse diode rectifier system (18-54 pulses) is employed to suppress harmonics. It is a frequency converter that produces fewer harmonics than what is achieved with traditional methods and whose harmonic level is considerably lower than the levels specified in IEEE-519 (1992).


High Efficiency:
Approximately 97% Total Output Yield

Since the output transformer is not used, all inherent losses that may arise from this transformer are eliminated. The use of our proprietary multilevel PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) control system reduces switching losses. Because the harmonic current on the power source side is reduced, the primary winding of the input transformer has a reduced loss due to the harmonics


High Power Factor:
Source Power Factor greater than 95%

The use of a multi-phase diode full-wave rectifier increases the power factor on the power source side, enabling operation at a high power factor A capacitor and a DC reactor for improving the source power factor are unnecessary. A smaller power capacity suffices for an inverter for motors.


High Reliability

High-accuracy, rotation speed sensorless vector control functions enable stable operation during load variations on all speed ranges. World-class Fuji own brand IGBT (Isolated Gate, Bipolar Transistor) cells, redundant bypass control technology, and multi-level fault alarm functions are employed to ensure very high reliability. A high-end 32-bit motor control MCU (microcontroller) is employed in the control device for the quick response and high accuracy.


Vector Control

The advanced and practical vector control technology is adopted for asynchronous and synchronous motors High-accuracy non-velocity vector control provides with a large starting torque, fast response dynamics, and high load capacity.


Easy Maintenance

FRN46000 inverter is air-cooled, requiring no cooling water as water-cooled ones would do.
Start/stop operations, parameter setting, fault display, and data monitoring are easily performed on a touch panel with simplified input functions.
A Teme auto-tuning function for test adjustments facilitates adjustment.
Fault diagnosis is easily performed.
Since a dry-type transformer is used at the entrance, as little maintenance as possible is required.



Fans, Ovens, Separators, Bucket Elevators


Granulators, Compressors, Fans and Pumps


Water plant

Iron And Steel

Fans, induction fans, Dust Collectors, Coolant pumps

Power Generation

Turbo Coolers, Banbury Mixers, Ball Grinders


Turbo Coolers, Banbury Mixers, Ball Grinders