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High-performance and Vector Control Drivers

Goodrive 300 is a high-performance vector control inverter developed by INVT, and it is applicable to asynchronous motor and synchronous motor for speed control. It adopts 32-digit DSP and advanced vector control algorithm to achieve high performance and high precision in motor drive control. This inverter features high reliability, strong adaptability to working environment, flexible application and stable performance.

Power Range 1.5 ~ 500 kW
Power Supply Range 380V (-15%) ~ 440 V (+10%)
Control Mode V / f kontrol, sensorless vector control
Frequency 50/60 Hz , Frequency Range, 47-63 Hz
Overloadability Normal Duty (P type) 0 for 60 sec. 
Heavy Duty (G typei) 0 for 60 sec, 0for 10 sec,   0 for 1 sec
Speed Adjusting range 1-200
General Functions Driving synchronous and asynchronous motors capability in sensorless vector control mode
  PID Control
  Advanced auto tuning function
  Built-in Category C3 EMC filter
  Standart Modbus RTU and ASCII supported RS485 communication
  Profibus, Ethernet ve CAN communication options
  Built-in brake chopper for 30 kW heavy duty and below range 
  2 Motors parameters definition possibility
  Torque limit
  Starting Torque ( 0 at 0,25 Hz in Sensorless Vector Control)
  Virtual terminals
  More sensitive motor control
3 AC 380V
PRODUCT CODE  POWER (kW)  CURRENT(A)  DIMENSIONS (mm)              (Width X Height X Depth )
GD300-1R5G-4  1,5 KW 3,7 126x193x174,5mm
GD300-2R2G-4  2,2 KW 5 126x193x174,5mm
GD300-004G/5R5P-4 4.0/5.5KW 9.0/13.0A 146x263x181mm
GD300-5R5G/7R5P-4 5.5/7.5KW 13.0/17.0A 146x263x181mm
GD300-7R5G/011P-4 7.5/11KW 17.0/25.0A 170x331,5x216mm
GD300-011G/015P-4 11/15KW 25.0/32.0A 170x331,5x216mm
GD300-015G/018P-4 15/18.5KW 32.0/37.0A 230x342x216mm
GD300-018G/022P-4 18.5/22KW 37.0/45.0A 230x342x216mm
GD300-022G/030P-4 22/30KW 45.0/60.0A 255x407x245mm
GD300-030G/037P-4 30/37KW 60.0/75.0A 255x407x245mm
GD300-037G/045P-4 37/45KW 75.0/90.0A 270x555x325mm
GD300-045G/055P-4 45/55KW 90.0/110.0A 270x555x325mm
GD300-055G/075P-4 55/75KW 110.0/150.0A 270x555x325mm
GD300-075G/090P-4  75/90KW 150.0/176.0A 325x680x365mm
GD300-090G/110P-4  90/110KW 176.0/210.0A 325x680x365mm
GD300-110G/132P-4  110/132KW 210.0/250.0A 325x680x365mm
GD300-132G/160P-4 132/160KW 250.0/300.0A 500x870x360mm
GD300-160G/185P-4 160/185KW 300.0/340.0A 500x870x360mm
GD300-185G/200P-4 185/200KW 340.0/380.0A 500x870x360mm
GD300-200G/220P-4 200/220KW 380.0/425.0A 500x870x360mm
GD300-220G/250P-4 220/250KW 425.0/480.0A 680x960x380mm
GD300-250G/280P-4 250/280KW 480.0/530.0A 680x960x380mm
GD300-280G/315P-4 280/315KW 530.0/600.0A 680x960x380mm
GD300-315G/350P-4 315/350KW 600.0/650.0A 680x960x380mm
GD300-350G/400P-4 350/400KW 650.0/720.0A 620X1700X560mm
GD300-400G-4 400KW 720.0A 620X1700X560mm
GD300-500G-4 500KW 860.0A 620X1700X560mm
  • Extruder Machines
  • Cable Twist Lines
  • Crane Hoisting Motors
  • Load Elevators
  • Centrifugal Machines
  • Textile Washing Machines
  • Plastic Injection Pump Motors