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The LAKC motor range of d.c. Motors are fully laminated with compensated shunt windings and comprises 4, and 6 pole machines.
  • Design and characteristics
    The LAKC motors are designed for use in heavy industry meeting the tough requirements for high realiability, low maintenance costs, good commutation, long brush life and low energy consumption.
  • Advantages
    The fully laminated compensated LAKC d.c. motor ensures:
    • High overload capacity with linear torque/current characteristic.
    • High efficiency due to low field losses and well proportioned air gaps between armature and stator.
    • Excellent commutation over the entire speed range.
    • Long brush life.
    • Low noise level.
    • Class H insulation.
    • Class F temperature rise.
    • Excellent dynamic response, enhanced by superior transient commutation.
    • Easy access to brushes and commutator.
    • Custom built to meet individual specifications.
Power Range 300-1300 kW 
TT Motor Type Frame Size LAKC 355-560
Armature Voltage 440-750 V
Excitation Type Seperate Shunt
Protection Class / Cooling IP23 / IC 06
Type of Mounting Blower Top mounted at DE
Insulation Class H
Temperature Rise Class F
Mounting IM 1001 Horizontal foot
IM 1002 Horizontal foot, two shaft ends
IM 1002 For tandem use
IM 2001 Horizontal foot and flange
IM 2011 Vertical foot and flange
Arregement of Terminal Box RHS viewed from DE
Tacho Mtg. Provision REO 444R (60v/1000min-1)
TDP 0.2 T-4 (60v/1000min-1)
  • All applications in heavy industry