Product List


Cimon NP

In Cimon`s solution industrial computer and SCADA are together

  • Intel Quad Core CPU-1,91GHz(without fan)
  • Easy and user friendly software
  • High performance with stability
  • High speed and safe SSD hard disk
  • Anti-Scratch Panel
  • Flexible communication with upper and lower system through a variety of interfaces provided
Screen Size Options  12 - 19 inch
Screen Resolution options  1024x768 - 1280x1024
Communication Interfaces  1xRS422/RS485/RS232, 3xRS232, 2xEthernet , 6x USB Slave, 1x Parallel
CPU  1.91GHz Intel Bytrail
Hard Drive  128GB SSD
Option Card support  Yes with PCI
Power 110 - 220V AC
Extra Features Licensed windows 7 embedded
EWF/Winclon disc protection program
NO Model LCD Size Serial Port LAN USB
1 CM-NP12-A (128GB SSD 4GB RAM) 12.1" 4 Port 2 Port 4 Port
2 CM-NP15-A (128GB SSD 4GB RAM) 15" 4 Port 2 Port 4 Port
3 CM-NP19-A (128GB SSD 4GB RAM) 19" 4 Port 2 Port 6 Port
CIMON-PPC(Panel PC) Options
NO Model Description
1 8GB RAM Additional 4GB extra RAM
2 120GB SSD Extra Additional 120 GB ekstra HDD
NO Model Description Serial Port LAN USB
1 CM-NU1R  Rack mount or table top fanless  3 Port 2 Port 6 Port
  • Energy monitoring
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Pump stations
  • Pipeline monitoring
  • Boiler automations